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About Us

Welcome to Pacific Health Medical Services Organization (PHMSO), a company dedicated to provide the best services in Claim processing, Credentialing, Eligibility, Provider Management, and Utilities Management specialty for physician providers. In response to pressure on the practice of medicine, PHMSO is established to meet market demands. PHMSO have encouraged the development of IPAs, HMOs, and other medical structures to provide quality care to their patients.

PHMSO is exclusively focusing on Physician services (Primary Care Physicians, and Specialists), utilizes industry standard logic through the authorizations and claim process and will be consistent in its decisions in accordance agreements with Providers HMOs as well as keep up to date with State and Federal regulations.

Like the endgame in a chess match, the drive toward consolidation in the health care industry is forcing physicians to make choices with momentous consequences. With health plans, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies joining forces, it seems that only physician organizations like Pacific Health MSO, Inc. can sit at the table will have access to managed care contracts. In only reasonable to believe that an organization like Pacific Health MSO, Inc. with management expertise and sophisticated information networks will have what it takes to negotiate said contracts. Right now, Pacific Health MSO, Inc. gives physician’s group major options for gaining the scale, structure and resources to stay competitive.

PHMSO utilizes industry standard logic through the authorizations and claims processes and will be consistent in its decisions in accordance with agreements with your Providers, HMOs as well as keeping up to date with ever changing State and Federal regulations. We provide our providers with many avenues of electronic submissions and status checking of Authorizations and claims either through a clearing house or directly using our provider portal.

In the ever changing environment of health care and as government incentives start to turn into fees for compliance, PHMSO will stand ahead solidly with standards and solutions for its entire network with a knowledgeable staff and utilizing the latest tools in software and technology.

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